Trans World Cruises is currently in the process of expanding its cruise operations with specific itineraries that will be permanently located in the Adriatic & Aegean Sea offering a full year round schedule with its classic smaller size vessels that are focusing on the 2, 3, 5, and 7 day cruises market.

Trans World Cruises is also finalizing the development of its American cruise operations and has identified two additional vessels, one from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and one from Port Canaveral, Florida. Nassau will be the homeport of Trans World Cruises. They will be cruising the Bahamian and Caribbean islands. Future expansion will include global cruise operations to the new and emerging markets of Central & South America.

Trans World Cruises will become a significant industry participant in the specialty and ecotourism cruises markets utilizing solid partnerships and acquiring assets that will allow further expansion and growth in the years to come by integrating eco-friendly technologies into vessels that are owned and operated by the company and its subsidiaries.

These expanded services and offerings will provide countless numbers of jobs for hard working individuals of the United States, Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe and many other areas of the world suffering from economic decline that are holding back its citizens from attaining their dreams.

This Mission and Strategy will create a lasting company that will continue to expand annually providing value to investors, shareholders, and local economies, while enhancing lives of all persons across the world associated with the company.