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MS Delphin Cruise Ship

The history of a classic cruise ship.

The MS Delphin has a unique cruise history. Guests will experience a warm welcome on this small classic cruise ship with a friendly family atmosphere.

Since the MS Delphin completed a renovation in late 2012, it has been one of the most sought after and refined classic ships in the industry. The MS Delphin is a cruise ship of The Extra Class. The 578 guests will be provided a unique experience as it visits many small ports. Our cruise routes have led to popular destinations in the North and East Seas, the Azores, the Canaries and the Caribbean. In addition, due to its ice-strengthened hull, it has even been allowed to journey to Greenland and Antarctica.

The MS Delphin has ten decks. Seven decks have two hundred and thirty-five two bedroom cabins available to guests. The three other decks house two hundred and thirty crewmembers and other required ship facilities. Cruises on the MS Delphin are extremely popular because of the much lauded Extra Class of heartfelt hospitality as well as the many years of experience and competence of its crew. The manageable ship size, the relaxed family atmosphere and the personal service have provided the ship with many returning guests.

View our photo gallery that shows areas and facilities of the ship as well as additional details.

MS Delphin photo gallery

Cruise destinations


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