Our foundation and our strength is in the experience of our team.
We take great pride and comfort in knowing that we employ the best team in the world. Our success is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.
Our company takes pride in our principles to protect and sustain our planet for future generations.

Our company founded by ship faring executives, that share a long tradition of being worldwide maritime leaders.

Long ago mariners considered the sea an open and economically useful environment and they were happy to compete with the caprices and dangerous aspects of the sea. Quickly they realized that the sea could offer them a way of life together with the joy and spirit of freedom.

Seamanship came naturally to the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Croatia and Greece and the many surrounding countries because of the landscape, climate, beautiful coast lines and geographical position of the endless islands. This environment contributed to a free spirit, strengthen the imagination and made people optimistic and daring. It also contributed to individuals and their love of the sea.

Our executives bring their many years of experience in the maritime industry to the market as a corporation specializing in shipping, specialty cruise operations, international commodity trades, and sales as well as marketing and finance.

The company recently entered the specialty cruise ecotourism market. Using proprietary technologies, brand promotion and adding new asset revenues through various inventive programs such as “Cruise & Stay” packages and niche market tourism.